Private coaching provided at my facility Core Dynamics.  We are located in Water Mill, NY.

Single session – $125

10 sessions – 1100

20 sessions – $2100

30 sessions – $3000

Duet training – Additional $80 per session.

Group training (minimum of 3) – $60 per person

Each session is typically 60 minutes in length.  Sometimes sessions will run longer.

Virtual training (via Skype,  Facebook, email, text) –  Starts at $400 month


-Weekly 30 minute Skype sessions

-Constant email communication

-4-week written training program

Each program will begin with a health and fitness intake and consultation.  This will be followed by a fitness assessment.

My assessments typically include an FMS (Functional Movement Screen) in addition to an NKT (NeuroKintetic Therapy) evaluation.  NKT is a therapeutic modality that essentially tests muscles to determine dysfunctional muscular relationships that may potentially lead to or is currently causing pain and movement limitations.  NKT will be implemented based out of necessity and the goals of each client.

Since all weight is not created equal all clients undergo a BodyMetrix body composition test.  This is a system that uses ultrasound technology to determine how much body fat and lean mass we are carrying.  There is no uncomfortable pinching and measuring of fat.  We just place the device over each location, and the system takes the measurement.  We can measure 1 to 7 locations.  The more locations measured the more accurate the  results are.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation just send me an email.

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